Natura Nuova.
From the earth
to you.

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The Nature, every day.

Bringing nature into the lives of all people, every day. This is the idea that guided the Natura Nuova’s path right from birth.

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New in quality.

Only exceptional raw materials, preferably Italian and carefully selected.

New in processes.

Because our advanced technologies respect our foods to enhance their taste and properties.

Healthy is never a second choice.

We choose the best, you know what you choose.

In Natura Nuova everything starts with the search for quality: we choose the best raw materials of local production, only the first-level fruit from suitable areas.

New in innovative packs.

Designed to taste natural and genuine products at any time and in any place.

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A commitment called trust


Rigorous checks and certified quality.


Selected fruit from a unique land of culture and tradition.


1000 Producers and one Consortium: proud of our short supply chain.

Natura Nuova

20 years of Italian excellence: a story of nature and passion.