Transformation Processes

Cold extraction

Nature is just around the corner.

Nature gives us a lot, we’d better not take anything away.

Every fruit of the land is a naturally engineered miracle, so why would we change it or spoil it?
Our next-generation technology was implemented specifically for that purpose, to preserve taste and nutritional properties of our products.

From the cold extraction of fruit pulp, which helps preserve all the nutrients and the juicy goodness, to the artisanal production of seitan, tofu and tempeh, all our production methods are based on gentle, non-invasive product transformation technologies.

Because nature is to be caressed, not touched.

Pocket-sized quality.

To us packaging is much more than just the envelope for our products, it is a way to conveniently incorporate natural food in your daily life. This is why our packaging has to be practical, versatile and sustainable. From our doypacks to our aluminium cups, Natura Nuova invests in research and development to provide you with safe and practical packaging ideas you can bring to work, to the gym, and basically anywhere. Our packaging is engineered to seal and preserve the nutritional properties and the natural taste of our products. Just open it and find out.