From the Earth to you.

Our natural products can get anywhere, all it takes is understanding, expertise, care, and respect for nature and its times. We owe a lot to our land. This is why 25 years ago we dreamed of making its fruit available to you, in your home, among the people you love, in your everyday life.

Ever since our company was born, this idea has been guiding our path. We set out to bring an untouched, natural product to your table. We rely on a team of experts that guides us through the farming, the selection of the crops and the processing, which doesn’t transform the product, it just preserves it.

For us nature means sharing and conviviality, our new way of understanding nature makes it more open, free, clean and more yours.

We bring fruit to your table as nature intended.

Natura Nuova – a New Nature.

We are an innovative company with a new approach to the production of plant based food. New as the outstanding quality of our raw ingredients, which are preferably Italian and always carefully selected. New as the production methods, which are engineered  to respect the food and enhance its taste and properties. New as our packaging, meant to give our customers the pleasure of enjoying natural, genuine products anywhere and anytime.

Our values


The passion we put in our work, which still makes us enjoy our work even after 25 years. We do it every day, and every day feels like a new beginning.


Our idea of cooperation. We know the importance of dialogue as a way of sharing ideas and knowledge. Our communication and attention towards customers and the environment isn’t everything, we also care for our employees, who are the lifeblood of our company, and for our suppliers and contractors.


Our business vocation. Because our roots are deep and intertwined with our traditions, but our modern approach sets us apart.


The daily care that we put in our products and that you put in yourself and your family, in your house and community. Your well being is directly proportional to that of the people you love.

Supply chain control

Our strict quality control procedures and the transparency of our supply chain. These are the reasons why we can provide you with healthy, tasty products made from the freshest fruit of the land. Seed after seed, season after season.


Our idea of agriculture, our love for research and experimentation. We value ancient wisdom as people of the third millennium, because if it is true that our roots stretch deep into the ground, it is also true that our branches spread towards the sky.


Nature, on a daily basis. Because when you are working with natural products you connect with nature and with the ingredient you are transforming. We defend our territory by making concrete choices and taking a stance by reducing our impact on the environment. Sustainability, to us, is more of moral choice rather than a business one.


Life, and the way we choose to share it with others. We believe in rediscovering simple rituals and in creating new ones. It is at a table where stories are born, and we want to be part of yours.

Every fruit is a promise, our history keep them.

Natura Nuova was born in 1994 in Bagnacavallo, in the agricultural landscape of Emilia-Romagna, one of the most fertile and cultivated regions in Italy. Our journey began thanks to Gabriele Longanesi, who put his passion for agriculture into an ambitious project for his community: making the fruit of the land available to everybody, anywhere and anytime.

This ambitious goal of promoting a balanced, tasty and sustainable diet can only be achieved in one way: by selecting the best ingredients and adding nothing but passion. This is way, from the very first day, Gabriele shaped his business in an innovative way, he focused on high quality raw ingredients and a short supply chain. He wanted innovation to serve nature, not the other way around. This is how our business idea moved its first steps: in a small industrial premise, where the most advanced technology was a big pot. Gabriele started testing the products and the transformation processes day after day, until the idea turned into reality and finally into a successful company.

Now we are reaping the fruits: we have more than 150 employees in 3 different production plants, we hold important investment in technology and our products range is constantly evolving. A lot has changed from 1994, but our passion has not.